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Solaris 10 SSH From PuTTY gives 'Using keyboard-interactive authentication.' - Gary J Little
Solaris 10 SSH From PuTTY gives 'Using keyboard-interactive authentication.'
I had a very strange problem accessing an oldish patch (118844-26) of Solaris 10* from a PC running PuTTY. When I tried to access it via ssh, I got the following message
login as: gjl
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

When I tried to enter the password, it failed even though the password was entered correctly. The fix I used was to setup 'loginless' or automatic login to SSH

  • On the target (Solaris 10) machine, make a directory .ssh in your home directory
  • In the .ssh directory create a file called authorized_keys
  • From the PuTTY site, get a binary called puttygen.exe
  • Run the puttygen program and hit the 'generate' button.
  • Paste the public key that is displayed in the tool, into the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the Solaris machine
  • Save the private key on the PC by using the 'Save Private Key' button.
  • In the PuTTY configuration, choose Connection->SSH->Auth, and select the file (the private key) that you saved in the step above
  • Open the connection, and it should all work, and look like below

Using username "gjl".
Authenticating with public key "rsa-key-20060421"
Last login: Fri Apr 21 19:47:54 2006 from localhost
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.10      Generic January 2005

The file permissions on the Solaris machine are important.
bash$ cd $HOME/.ssh
bash$ chmod 700 .
bash$ chmod 600 *

bash-3.00$ ls -la

drwx------   2 gjl      other        512 Apr 21 18:57 .ssh

bash-3.00$ ls -l .ssh
total 2
-rw-------   1 gjl      other        448 Apr 21 19:29 authorized_keys

From another unix machine, e.g. Solaris or Linux, use the ssh-keygen program, and put the private key in the .ssh directory in the host that you are ssh'ing from. I followed the instructions here
  $ cd $HOME 
  $ mkdir identity-test
  $ cd identity-test
  $ ssh-keygen -f id_rsa -t rsa
  Generating public/private rsa key pair.
  Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): 
  Enter same passphrase again: 

  Your identification has been saved in id_rsa.
  Your public key has been saved in id_rsa.pub.
  The key fingerprint is:
  c3:af:e9:6c:2f:19:4d:b5:1a:a9:40:06:54:e6:60:08 jdoe@localhost

  $ ls
  id_rsa     id_rsa.pub

The file id_rsa needs to be put into the client .ssh directory with the name id_rsa.
The content of id_rsa.pub should be put in the file authorized_keys on the remote machine

It is actually possible to do all of the remote work in ssh
  local$ ssh username@server 'mkdir .ssh'
  password: (type password for username@server)
  local$ scp ~/identity-test/id_rsa.pub username@server:.ssh/authorized_keys
  password: (type password for username@server again)

Remember to set the correct permissions, as shown previously.

*running under VMware, but I don't think it's relevent.
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Better Way

The reason its not working is because the solaris standard installation will inhibit root logon via ssh. you can change this in the sshd.conf file by searching for root. There is an option you can change to true and after a restart of the sshd daemon (or system restart) it works fine.
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